Our Tailored Services

Consolidated Logistics


Shipping to multiple countries while managing a single,drop point in the US for export de-consolidation. We manage all the dynamics of receiving, breakdown and building up orders form factories and DC’s to end market ports and warehouses. LTL, LCL, FCL, Ocean, AIR…all types of shipments are streamlined towards brands goals. 

Export / Import Compliance:


Verifying individual SKU compliance to the various regulations set by the brand as well as the importing markets; from ingredients and code dating to documentation and labeling. No risks are taken to ensure the smooth flow of supply to end consu

Added Value Logistics:


Expiry dates, translation to foreign languages, relabeling, repacking, de-consolidation, consolidation and whatever it takes to ensure the effective delivery of goods to consumers in export markets. In-house translation, label and ink jet pining, repackaging, palletization, insulation and all types of shipping and freight forwarding services…

Sales & Marketing:


Introducing & promoting brands hands-on in several markets, and getting products to the fingertips of major retail and distribution buyers in the regions. Exploiting synergies between markets, relationships across boarders and supply chain efficiencies. 

Trade Marketing Management:


Transparently consolidating all efforts, plans and executions in multiple countries into a single dashboard for the brands to manage remotely and confidently the development of their vison in our markets.